Here's a look at what we have been able to accomplish so far:

Bryant Middle School Library Renovation

In 2016 Bryant Middle School was in desperate need of an update to their library. Not only did they lack the necessary resources their students needed to maximize their educational experience, but what they did have was outdated and falling apart. With the $17,500 donation raised by the Utah Legends Golf tournament, we were able to help Bryant Middle School rebuild their library and provide the students with everything they needed for their education.


Haloti Ngata Family Foundation

A donation of $5,000 was presented to further the Ofa Ngata College Preparation program which has provided more than 270 students in Salt Lake City with ACT preparation courses.

Calvary Baptist Church Scholarships

 Five deserving students who were seeking to advance their education were selected to receivescholarships. These students were selected by the Calvary Baptist Church under the direction of Reverend France Davis in support of their university degrees.  $5,000 in scholarships were distributed at the Christmas Day church services by Reverend Davis and Coach McBride.


Polynesian American Sports & Education

The $7,500 donation was used to provide scholarships for Polynesian students and to assist with education-based aspects of the 2016 Tonga Bowl-USA and the 2017 Samoa Bowl-USA.