About the Love You Man Campaign:


Coach Mac over the last few decades has always met his players, coaches, rival coaches and friends with a hug.  Following their conversation, the departure is always with a hug and a “Love You Man” phrase.  His genuine love and caring for his players represents a powerful message for us all.  Love one another.  Be there when needed.  This year we will recognize individuals who have embodied the legacy of Coach McBride by carrying forward his Love You Man ideals. 

This year the 2017 Utah Legends will honor Lavell Edwards and his significant contributions to youth.  Coach Edwards is clearly a Utah Legend.  His advocacy for youth programs, health and well-being is truly legendary.  Coaches McBride and Edwards hada longstanding friendship which is unparalleled in sport today.  They maintained their reverence for each other and their players for decades. We believe strongly that their “love” for their players, fans and competitors is a powerful message for all to adopt.