In 2018 we want to extend our reach...

Over the past two years we have made a tremendous impact on the youth of this state, but we know we can always do more. That's why the Ron McBride Foundation has decided to add several initiatives and events for the upcoming year in an effort to make an even bigger impact. The Love You Man Golf Tournament (formerly the Utah Legends Golf Tournament) has been our premier event and primary fundraiser, and will continue to play a vital role in our efforts, but the following events and initiatives will allow us to reach our goals as a foundation:

Coach Mac's school resource fund - Goal: $90,000

All schools in Utah are underfunded and under resourced. This campaign is designed to augment elementary and secondary school resources based on prioritized needs of the school district or individual schools. Applications for resource support will be requested from school sites. Items such as library materials, fitness equipment, computers, musical equipment, copy machines, laboratory supplies, etc., will be supported. 

The Game changer Scholarships - Goal: $40,000

Over the past two years, Coach McBride has provided scholarships to students in need seeking to further their education in technical or advanced college study. Through a partnership with the Calvary Baptist Church and others, we have provided advanced education support and hope to expand this program in the future. 

MAFU family support - Goal: $50,000

This simple acronym has been the foundation for taking care of your “teammates”. Created by Coach Ron McBride’s offensive lineman at the University of Arizona, it is a mantra of “caring for one another.” Through exhibiting “mental toughness,” positive “attitude,” “fanatical effort” and “unity,” a team is committed to success. Coach McBride says simply: “Stepping up when others have a problem or challenge.” 

Healthy Learners by design - Goal: $50,000

Health is of paramount importance to optimal learning. We aim to support goods, services, and programs that lead to the elevated health and well-being of children and their families. Supporting academic “coaches” (in class, consultants, and/or Community Learning Center staff) is essential, as well as supporting efforts to educate parents about critical factors required for their child to be a “healthy learner.” 

The love you man campaign - Goal: $40,000

Anchored in the long-standing bond between Coaches McBride and Edwards, the campaign aims to create and sustain friendships. Love You Man is aimed at youth, teachers, parents, and coaches to educate and engage them regarding the dangers of drugs, alcohol, bullying, and other challenges in life. It includes presentations, social media campaigns, school-based initiatives, etc. 

Mac's front line speaker series - Goal: $30,000

Speaking engagements by Coach McBride and other motivational speakers. Topics include those facing children and youth today. A panel of advisors will prioritize issues that teachers, counselors, parents and youth serving agencies face each day. Experts from Utah and across the country will be recruited as speakers, panel members or consultants. 

Total 2018 fundraising goal: $300,000

Check presentation to the Ogden School Foundation 

Check presentation to the Ogden School Foundation